Protect Your Fine China By Comparing Local Moving Companies' Insurance Policies

It's always important to properly insure valuables like heirloom china. When moving, though, your insurance coverage may change. If you don't have an insurance policy with worldwide coverage for your personal possessions, you'll want to protect any fine china or other valuables you have by comparing local moving companies' insurance offerings. Even if you're only moving around the block, taking the time to compare insurance coverages and costs when selecting a local moving company will ensure your china is protected throughout your move.

Save By Paying Less Taxes: What You Need to Know About IRS Moving Deductions

Although moving can be quite expensive, there are many ways that you can save. In particular, those moving for work-related reasons and can prove it may be eligible for claiming IRS moving deductions on their tax form in the following year. If you were not aware of IRS moving deductions, here's what you need to know. The Eligibility Requirements and Qualifications for Claiming IRS Moving Deductions You can only claim IRS moving deductions if you can prove that the move is for work-related reasons.

Self-Storage on the Go: 5 Tips on How to Secure & Load Portable On-Demand Storage (POD) Units

If you are looking to rent a storage unit, but simply do not have time to pack and move everything to and from the storage facility, the convenience of mobile storage units may appeal to your needs. The storage company will deliver portable units for you to fill up at your own time. There are no deadlines. When you're done, simply call the storage company and they'll come pick up the POD.