Self-Storage on the Go: 5 Tips on How to Secure & Load Portable On-Demand Storage (POD) Units

If you are looking to rent a storage unit, but simply do not have time to pack and move everything to and from the storage facility, the convenience of mobile storage units may appeal to your needs. The storage company will deliver portable units for you to fill up at your own time. There are no deadlines. When you're done, simply call the storage company and they'll come pick up the POD. Since these units will be moved from one location to another, these 5 tips on how to secure and load the units can prevent packed items from getting damaged.

Stabilize the Unit by Packing in Heavy Items for the Base

Make sure you pack everything to be stored in boxes and protect them with peanut foams or packing paper, so nothing gets damaged when the POD units are moved. Store the heavier items at the base of the mobile storage unit, such as heavy furniture and kitchen appliances. Use a moving dolly to prevent sustaining any muscular injuries. If the heavier items are placed at the base, they will stabilize the units and prevent them from toppling over.

You should place cardboard boxes containing less heavy items on top of the heavy furniture and kitchen appliances.  The lightest items should go on top of everything. This will prevent everything from tumbling over on another.

Secure Your Load at Various Sections of the Unit with Nylon Loading Straps 

At various sections of the POD units, there are hooks installed into the wooden planks at the side. Integrate these hooks into the storing process by using them to secure your load with nylon loading straps and ropes. This will prevent items from sliding around inside the units, especially when the units are being moved.

Pack Your Container Snugly to Minimize Shifting

Fill in any gaps or spaces in the POD units with smaller cardboard boxes packed with household appliances and other personal goods. These small gaps are also perfect for plastic bags filled with towels, fabrics, plush animals and other softer items that will tolerate pressure well.

Create a Final Barrier with a Piece of Cardboard or a Mattress

To prevent everything you packed from sliding out, create a final barrier between all of the packed boxes and furniture and the opening of the units with a piece of large cardboard or with a mattress. If you choose to use a mattress, make sure you put a mattress cover overtop to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on the surface while it is in storage. 

Avoid Storing Combustible Items and Products

Although most mobile storage companies like Epic Group Inc take every precaution to make sure the units are moved with the least amount of disruptions possible, there is still a possibility that the contents of your storage may become jumbled up. Avoid storing combustible items and products, like gasoline, lighter fluid, charcoal and fuel, as it may end up spilling onto everything else and becoming a safety hazard.

Most mobile storage companies will list certain items in the rental contract that cannot be stored, as they can become a safety hazard. For example, some mobile storage companies restrict storage of ammunition, fuel or anything combustible. This is because the POD units are more susceptible to temporal fluctuations, which can cause these items to explode. If the companies find any restricted items in your storage space, you could be penalized and charged for storing prohibited items.

Security is key when storing items in mobile storage units. You want to spend a considerable amount of time packing and securing everything to prevent damages should anything topple over. While most mobile storage units are quite diligent in making sure that the units are kept level when being moved, it is in your best interest to account for accidents and to implement strategies that minimize risk and liability.