4 Things to Discuss With the Movers Before You Relocate

When hiring movers to help you relocate, be sure to discuss some important details with them. The movers need to know how much assistance you need with your move and when you would like to have your belongings taken to the new address. If you make this information clear to the movers, you can have a successful, non-stressful move.

Will You Need Help With Packing and Unpacking Belongings?

When you feel stressed over everything you need to do in the coming days and weeks, the last thing you may want to do is pack a bunch of your belongings before the move and then unpack them after the move. If you could use some extra help, let the movers know. They are willing to pack and unpack belongings upon your request. They can even label boxes as they pack them to ensure that you know which items are in the different boxes.

How Fast Do You Need to Have Your Items Delivered?

The movers want to know how fast you would like to have them deliver your belongings to the new home. You may need the items delivered within a week, or you might need them delivered in as soon as a day or two. When you need to have your items delivered faster, you can use the express service provided by most moving companies.

Will You Need Packing Supplies?

Do you have packing supplies, or would you like the movers to bring those items with them when they help you? Some people use packing supplies that they already have from saving boxes and bags over the years. However, you might not have enough packing supplies for everything in the home. The movers can bring boxes in different sizes and other essential packing supplies, such as furniture stretch wrap, labels, and packing peanuts.

Do You Have Any Junk to Throw Away?

When you have belongings that you do not plan to bring to the new place, you might want them thrown out. If these items that you do not want are a bit too heavy for you to get rid of, let the movers know that you have some junk items that you need to have removed. They often take care of lifting, hauling, and disposing of those items.

Discuss these important details with the movers from a moving company. You need to provide the movers with the information that lets them know what you need help with and how soon you will need their assistance with your move.